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Our extensive knowledge and ability to meet all our customers requirements enables us to fulfil a variety of packaging and shipping needs

We are able to provide subcontracted contract packing and provide consultancy services to several major shipping ports throughout the world

For global or local shipping, packaging and freight requirements of all sizes there is only one company...


This item was packed and shipped by HLS for an oil rig being constructed in Korea. It is a refrigeration skid for an oil rig measuring 12.03m x 4.32m x 4.21m.

Our expertise and management of the shipping was enhanced by our professional ability to also handle the packaging requirements. Itís total shipment weight was 54000 kilos with the timber construction weighing 7000 kilos.

This item arrived safely, on time and intact thanks to HLS. For more information or an informal discussion contact us now, we are always happy to discuss your requirements.

As a member of the Wood Marking program with the UK forestry commission all of our timber used for packing complies with global regulations ISPM15.

Approved for hazardous packing for air and sea.

Secure packing zone for hazardous goods

"from a paper clip to a power station we pack anything"


Wood Marking Approved



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