A quick site for my new Bay window camper

A 1975 pop top Westfalia Auto 2.0L, exactly what I was after.  (Note this is an old page and needs a lot of updating)

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Its LHD. Runs like a absolute dream, a lot quicker than I expected, definitely no speed or performance issues.

Needs remedial work, mainly electrics and a good tidy. Will respray but no idea of colour yet. No name for him/her as yet.

28k miles .. cough ! Absolutely immaculate underneath.


Paint is weather worn, originally from Nevavda US its a great find.


To do:

Must find out how to get indicators sorted out, the main lights dim when the indicators are on, someone said its the earth but what exactly do they mean by that, there must be miles of earth cabling to check :-(

Driver window winder mechanism just spins, tried to get it out today but had to shelve it, I can see how it works but it just will not come out (hats off to the production line for getting it in !)

I fixed fuel line next to petrol tank, completely split and petrol everywhere, could have been a disaster. have read about some sort of fire extinguisher for the engine, must find out about these.

Interior is really exceptional bar roof lining in front cab. Hate to say this (as the purists would kill me) but I'm going to modernise it to suit my needs.

Great bonus, its already got 3 seat belts fitted, unfortunately they are lap belts so need to adapt to suit car seats for kids (any ideas pls email me [email protected])

really needs rewiring if I am honest.

List of items to get:

New window wind up mechanism - and then fit it somehow.

new seals for all windows and roof - replace all

wiring loom

fridge (gap for it but no fridge) and what does the control below actually do (should it do)


What's this control for under the seat?

  as I say it needs a rewire, very little functions inside.

Did it have hammocks, there are some knobs etc on the wall that don't seem to have a reason

and what is this vent for in the door?


Have an odd table too, where is this from, where does it go ?


Anyone know what this is for , its outside the sink so maybe an overflow and other to fill it up??


Need a user manual (workshop)


I need to physically move the pedals to the left of the column to suit me.

I need to lower it a bit (to fit garage)


full clean.


rear sensor, you forget how big it is and visibility isn't superb

Overall its a good solid camper which will be a cracking drive for me and the kids.

if you can help with any of the above please email me : [email protected]

still got stickers on outside




@ginger > fridge link ;-)




@ginger > fridge link ;-)