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One simple price depending on domain name registered - see below


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Payment is made online via PayPal, you choose your domain name, go to the payment page and pay the first year and the first quarterly payment, then payment is quarterly thereon.


PayPal accounts are free to create and own. You will be able to create one free during the registration for your website - very painless and totally secure.


Your account then changes from trial to live. You do not need to change anything it will just slot into place within 10 days.


Why do you pay one year up front? this helps us keep our admin costs down and avoids having to chase people to make payment. If you cancel it just stops but you have got enough time if you are on holiday for the site to still be available if you are a bit late. You have total control and can cancel your website package and domain name at any time.

Once you have registered you will be taken to a website promotion page which will tell you how to promote your website.

we money back guarantee there are no hidden charges !

Your website package includes:

.com names packages are 59 name packages are 49

all in


we money back guarantee there are no hidden charges !

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