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As a new user this program will almost certainly appear a bit alien but look at it this way, so was riding a bike once!  You will surprise yourself how quickly and easily you can create your own web site without knowing much about the internet or computers. A little bit of effort will give you a lot of reward for less than the price of a nice meal for 2.

This page will walk you though creating your own web site in plain simple English, step by step so it is well worth printing out.

To get back here again click the big WebCreator logo at the top right hand side of your screen when you are in the main bit of the program or the help link. This guide also includes information relating to navigating the WebCreator website so why not print it off now and keep it to hand.

We will use a florist as an example company to demonstrate how it works, called ABC Florists Ltd

Sally, who owns the florists, arrives at WebCreator website and goes to the new user section. Once she has created her profile she can login using her own unique details. Exactly as you have done to get here. The reason for needing that information was to ensure that you and only you can ever access your account.

After Logging in using your user name and password you arrive at the main admin page

If ever you get lost or stuck just click on Admin or WebCreator link at the top of the whatever page you are on.

On the admin page select Style Manager (the link that says start here)

Select a style for your site that you like. You can choose with a form or without a form for all styles depending on whether you want a customer feedback form or not. 

Once you have decided on the style you like Click the button at the bottom of the screen that says select colour

You can go back and select ANY style to change the appearance of your website whenever you want.

Select a colour (some styles have more colours than others depending on what suits the layout)

Select your preferred menu link button colours. Menu link buttons are the bits that people will click to move around your website.

NOTE: If you have selected a black website colour don't select a black menu link or title colour or you won't be able to see it  i.e. black on black. This applies to all colours.

Some of the templates allow you to select your title colour as well.

If available as an option select your desired content text colour (also bear in mind note above!!)

Enter a title for your website e.g Flower Design or ABC Florists Ltd

Enter keywords. these are used by search engines to find your website so for example a florist would enter:

 florist flower bouquet wedding funeral wreath roses daffodils special occasion abc florists.    Between 5 and 10 is a suitable number and also I advise keeping this bit lowercase.

Enter your site description: this is also used by search engines to describe your website so again using the above example a florist would enter: Flower arrangement and design for all occasions. Free delivery in the UK. 

Enter your company name (company name, not your company user name that you used to log in): ABC Florists Ltd. This bit appears at the top of your web page.

Enter your company slogan i.e: Blooming Great 

Address and Telephone number so that people can contact you

Your current email address that you use on your PC.

Logo Image: we have uploaded a temporary image so you do not have to upload this image or any to start with  but eventually you will want to use your own pictures. You have 2 choices here, 1: you can enter the URL (the web address) of an image to use from anywhere on the internet or 2: you can upload your logo image from your computer. You simply need to click the button that says browse and the program will display your computer files. You simply select the one that you wish to use.  This applies to all the images.


Images are only filename.JPG, .GIF or .BMP   anything else will not show an image, lots of people mistakenly upload .tmp files or files with 2 dots in them, e.g myimage.jpg.jpg, these are not the correct format for image files and will give you a bad headache.


If your image you want to use does not end in .gif, .jpg or .bmp or has more then one dot '.' in it then it WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY.



Note. Your logo image will appear on the screen sized to 100 x 100 pixels. Main images will appear at 200 x 200 pixels. Using your computer image software try to make the pictures you intend to use similar in size. If you do not have pictures yet don't worry, we have included some so you can see how your website will look. 

If you have images (say from a magazine or brochure) you want scanned or put onto disk you can send them to us and we will do this for you for a nominal fee of 10 per image. Contact us using the contact link at the top of the main program screen.

Now we are onto information for page 1.

Menu Link Name: This is the link to your home  page so you would probably want to call it 'home' or 'main'

Page Title: Using our florist example: About ABC Florists Ltd

Introductory Paragraph Title: could be the same as the page title or ABC Florists or maybe Colours of Life

Introductory Paragraph Text: Here is your chance to tell people  about who you are, what you do etc. You can put as much information in here as you like, don't be fooled by the size of the box!

I would not recommend writing a book here or people will just switch off. 2 or 3 paragraphs of fairly to the point information is sufficient although it really is entirely up to you and you may need more text, if so do not be afraid to do it. Also try finishing with " click on the next page to see examples of our work" or whatever pictures you decide to use.

Information for page 2

Menu Link Name: This is what will appear as your link to your second page of your website so it would be products or services or our work or next page etc

The rest of the boxes are the same structure as above for page 1. 

Note: the second page will hold 3 pictures that you can upload relating to your products, services or examples of work. Each picture has a text box next to it to allow you to add some more relevant text so using our florist example they may have a picture of a wedding bouquet with the text next to it explaining that it was used in a wedding as a center piece with the couples choice of flowers and so on.

If you have selected a Customer feedback form this will also be automatically generated. It will not work until you have registered and paid for your website. The form is a professional program that uses something called form mail to deliver the results directly to your current email inbox.

Now you have filled out the information for your website click the build website button.

The next page tells you that you have built your website pages successfully and if images have been uploaded successfully.

Click the link to see it which will open your website in a new window.

Viola, thats it!, you have just built your own website with your own content and pictures using WebCreator.

That really is all there is to it.

When you have finished viewing your website close the new window that opened and you will see WebCreator is still running in the background. If you want to make some changes to the website click the 'continue editing template' link on your screen to change the any information you want, or to try out different colours, otherwise that's it, your website is ready to be made live.

You may be asked to log in again depending on whether the program has timed out or not. Very occasionally you might see a screen that says 'Page Expired' just click the back button on your browser again.

To select a different template you need to click admin options or the WebCreator link (depending on where in the program you are). If you do change your template it is like starting with a blank sheet so you would need to re enter your information again which is why I would recommend saving your text to a simple notepad file. Then if you need to re enter it you can cut and paste from this file. To learn how to cut and paste look in your computers help file.


What Next: Making Your Website Live

Now you have built your website you will need to make it live and select your own domain name.

To make everything live you must register and pay for your website. Payments is made by credit card, handled via a secure dedicated server. If you need to pay by cheque please contact us via the contact us link to make arrangements. By cheque you will be required to pay for a year in advance of your current year. i.e 2 years.

Click the Register link: Here you have 2 options to choose from. Select which option you want, with form or without. Both include a domain name and email.  Note also that .com domain names are slightly more expensive that

Now you need to select your domain name on the Web page Registration Page that has opened. You can keep checking until you find the one you want.

You can find out about domain names by clicking the link 'domain registration'. While in trial mode the website address that we sent you will still work so you can still see it at any time.

When you have found a name to use click the Register Now button.  Fill in the required fields until you get to the end.

You will now enter a secure server environment indicated by the padlock on your browser bar. Which allows you to enter your credit card details. This page and the details you enter is not accessible by anyone other than yourself.

Once you have finished you will gain access to a members area page relating to web site promotion which you may find useful. You will also receive email confirmation of the payment to the email address you used. Note that the prices you see include VAT.

That's it. Within 10 working days your website will be live. Your bonus free entry into UKPages may take a bit longer to update. You can see it by typing in your domain name e.g and you can use the email address on your cards of for that professional feel to your business.

You can also edit or change your website whenever you wish, adding more text or different pictures etc or even choosing a new template.

Fees are on the fees link

About us tells you about us

Help is a help file that you will find very useful

Admin Options takes you to your website administration options where you can access the Site Manager which has its own help file.

Home takes you to the beginning of WebCreator

That's it. Your website is totally your own, no other advertising banner or junk will appear on it and it remains your property until you decide to cancel it. You can change it as often as you wish and use any of the template styles available and we are always on hand to help out


Saving Your Work

Please save your work, if you don't it will create a lot of anguish later and you will scream but it is your responsibility so please do not scream at us if you have not done it.  As you are managing the content of your website we do not save your files. Its easy to do so please do save your work, you don't want to waste all that effort. Saving it also makes it easier for you to do updates later on.

How to Save
Images -

You would have uploaded these from your PC so they are ok.

Text -

Open notepad (or WordPad, whichever you prefer)
Notepad is a really simple text editor which is ideal for saving your work to.

Now login and go to your website editing area via the Style Manager link.

In each box you have added your text, simply highlight the text in the box, press and hold down the CTRL button on your keypad then (keeping CTRL held down) press C

This copies your text to your PC memory.

Now go to notepad click in the box where you can add text

press CTRL and V (which is paste)
as above, hold down the CTRL button then press V at the same time

Your text will appear.  Continue this for the remaining boxes.

TIP** Another way of copying and pasting text is to highlight the text then click on the right hand side mouse button

A menu will appear, select copy

Then go to notepad right click again and select paste.

Either way you do it once saved  you can edit your pages offline in the text file you have just created as the same works in reverse for moving saved text from notepad to your WebCreator website boxes!

Lastly, save the notepad (or WordPad if you used that) file as something like 'my website' and make sure you save it somewhere that you can easily locate it again in the future.

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