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what they are and how you use them

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A domain name is like an address, similar to your business or home address.

It uniquely identifies you and is used to access your website on the internet. Each name is unique. Although not good practice it is possible to have more than one domain name showing the same website.

The reason for wanting a domain name is to enable you (and your customers) to remember you and use it to access your web site pages. It also allows you to have a personal email address.

Domain names are usually something like although you can drop the http:// and just use the bit that begins www. as your internet browser automatically assumes the http:// goes in front.

An email address is linked to a domain name so if you own (using ours as an example), you can have an email address of

NOTE: Your web addresses (aka domain name or your URL) have a '.' (dot) in them, an email has a '@' (at symbol) in it.

Your own unique email and domain name is included in the price of your WebCreator package, you choose one for your website when you register.

i.e or

WE SET EVERYTHING UP FOR YOU: All you have to do is fill in the content for your website - once you have registered your WebCreator website, within 10 days ALL emails sent to will automatically arrive in your current email inbox, the one that you used to create your WebCreator account.


will all arrive into your current email inbox to the same account you use now.

You do not have to do anything, this will automatically happen within 10 days and then you can use your domain name on business cards etc to receive emails which will give a professional feel to your business

So while you are in trial mode to display your website you would use the name we sent you in the New User login email. Once you have registered then your chosen URL (domain name) will display your website.

You can login to WebCreator at anytime using your password and company user name to change and update your website, your domain name that accesses this will always show your latest site.

You can choose a .com or although .com names are slightly more expensive therefore you will need to add 10 to the cost of your basic package. You do not have to worry about setting anything up, we will do it all for you!

.com names packages are 59 name packages are 49

all in

Once you have registered you will be taken to a website promotion page which will tell you how to promote your website.


we money back guarantee there are no hidden charges !

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